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The Beauty Boutique in Alverstoke offer a wide range of nail treatments from a basic file and polish to a deluxe manicure or pedicure. Our highly experienced therapists will discuss your requirements and find the best-suited treatment for you.

Nail Price List

Prices updated 5th May 2023

  • File & Polish (normal polish) – £19.50
  • Manicure (normal polish) – £28.00
  • Deluxe Boutique Manicure (normal polish with heated mitts) – £31.00
  • Gel Manicure – £33.00
  • BIAB £5 extra
  • Deluxe Boutique Gel Manicure (gel polish with heated mitts) – £38.00
  • Gel Toes – £28.00
  • Pedicure (normal polish) – £34.50
  • Deluxe Boutique Gel Pedicure – £41.00
  • Gel Removal (fingers or toes) – £13.00


Deluxe Boutique Manicure (normal Polish)

What is a normal Polish manicure?

A traditional style manicure – your nails are trimmed, shaped and filed. Cuticles are softened, pushed back and removed followed by a hand & arm exfoliation before you enjoy a relaxing hand & arm massage. The treatment is finished by applying a base coat to feed your nails, choice of colour & top coat is applied to complete the manicure.

What is a Gel Polish?

Gel is the type of polish that is used – gel is more hard-wearing than traditional polish and lasts longer. The Gel is cured under an LED light and available in hundreds of shades. Typically gel can last between 2-4 weeks depending on how well you look after your nails. We advise using cuticle oil (which we sell in the salon) daily to help keep your gel manicure looking as good as can be.

What is a Gel Manicure?

Like a traditional manicure, your nails are filed, shaped and removal of cuticles before applying the long lasting gel. We can then exfoliate your hands and arms before finishing with a lovely massage and cuticle oil.

What is a Pedicure? (Gel or normal polish)

Your feet are soaked in warm bubbly water to allow your heels, toe nails & cuticles to soften. Your therapist will trim, file and shape toes nails before carefully pushing back your cuticles and trimming away any excess. We use hand files to get rid of hard skin on heels and exfoliate your feet & legs before having a relaxing massage. Finishing the treatment with your desired finish – normal Polish or Gel. If you have a normal Polish pedicure, we recommend bringing flip flops.

What are Gel toes?

Gel toes are a very popular treatment. Your therapist will cut, file and trim your toe nails before carefully preparing the nail plate by removing any unwanted cuticles and buffing the nail plate prior to applying the desired Gel colour. Typically we say gel toes last 6-8 weeks.


We send complimentary email reminders 48 hours prior to your appointment. If you need to cancel or re-arrange your appointment, we require at least 48 hours notice. We kindly ask you to call the salon on 02392 299116 (Social media isn’t manned). Less than 48 hours notice – a 50% charge will be made. Cancellations on the day will be charged at 100% of the treatment value.

Please contact us for bookings and further details.


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